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Our exclusive collaborations with 100+ tea gardens and some of the most renowned tea estates in Assam & Siliguri ensures us to provide best quality teas at the most cost- efficient ​​prices. Once the leaves are picked & processed at the estate, we procure them for maximum freshness, composition and aroma remain intact until it reaches your cup. No middle-men or large distribution networks, in between.

Our unrelenting endeavour is to provide customers with 100% satisfaction, In a bid to ensure that we also provide tea blends to leading brands and retailers, giving some of them complete assistance in designing and packaging.

With as low as 100 kg as minimum order quantity we ensures that no middlemen could come between you and your perfect cup of tea.

Feel free to let us know about your requirements in terms of type of tea, grade, quantity and price range so that we can ship out the samples to you. Do let us know your complete postal address for the same.

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