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Journey of Tea

For decades, we have worked in close partnership with many estates, gaining a deep understanding of the characteristics of tea that they produce and a detailed insight into the methods they employ. Our commitment to such a close partnership over so many years is part of our investment in the ongoing quality of our product.

The tea leaf grows on the Thea Sinensis plant, a member of the Camellia family; it grows naturally to over 20ft and is indigenous to China and India. When in cultivation, the tea bush is regularly pruned so that it is kept to a height of three feet.

Only the tips and the top two layers of young leaves, where the sap and nutrients are concentrated, are plucked. Not only does this help to provide a good quality cup of tea, it also stimulates the growth of the bush, thus increasing the maximum yield.

Tea bushes are grown best between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn which lies between the altitudes of 1000 and 7000 feet. They enjoy warm, tropical climates with good rainfall. The climate dictates whether the bush can be plucked all year round, or if it is seasonal. The warmer climates, such as those of Africa and Sri Lanka, allow all year-round production, with especially high yields during the monsoon periods. Colder climates, such as those found in the Himalayan foothills, only produce yields in seasonal "flushes." Differences in soil acidity, altitude and climate produce the distinctively different flavors of the various teas.

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