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Nuances of Tea Classification

Journey of Tea

For decades, we have worked in close partnership with many estates, gaining a deep understanding of the characteristics of tea that they produce and a detailed insight into the methods they employ. Ou

Nuances of Tea Classification

Why Drink Tea?

Antioxidants It is well known that fruit and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants; however what is less well known is the presence of antioxidants in tea. Tea is known to be a valuable sourc

Nuances of Tea Classification

Tea Facts

Tea Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. It is said that it is the most widel

Nuances of Tea Classification

Tea Process

Before getting in-to our cup the ‘TEA’ undergoes several manufacturing process while retaining its natural freshness and aroma. Let us try to understand the same in short and simple way.

Tea And Health

Nuances of Tea Classification

Black Tea work as a medicine

Black tea has been used both as a beverage and medicine from almost 1000 years now. In China, it is still being used as a medicine by many people. In China, ancient physicians used both dry and liquid

Nuances of Tea Classification

10 Health Benefits of Tea For A New Lifestyle

Tea is nothing but a flavorful way of staying healthy. For thousands of years it has been regarded as a key to good health. It’s true that tea does replenish our body and mind, but the health be

Nuances of Tea Classification

The Best Ways to Utilize the Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea Not many people are aware of the fact that green tea is made from the same Camellia sinesis plant which is used to make black tea. What sets the green brew apart is the proces

Nuances of Tea Classification

This Yoga Day Celebrate the Goodness of Tea

According to the wise words of Sadhguru, “The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what yoga means- not up, not out, but in. In is the only way out.” The wor

Nuances of Tea Classification

What’s More Satisfying than Unlimited Snack and No Health Problems?

“1 billion people in the world are chronically hungry and 1 billion people are overweight”, says Mark Bittan in his book, “A guide with more than 75 recipes”. He is right, a

Tea Wars

Nuances of Tea Classification

Oolong vs. Green tea – Which One is better?

Tea has been the drink of choice for mankind for almost a thousand year now. There is no better and safe option than a quick cup of tea. A cup of tea helps us out both mentally and physically. In thos

Nuances of Tea Classification

Assam Tea or Darjeeling Tea?

Introduction Tea was brought in India by the British and since then India has become a hub of tea production. There are three main regions in India where tea is cultivated – Darjeeling in the

Nuances of Tea Classification

Loose Tea versus Tea Bags

Tea–drinking rituals and histories remind us that tea is much worldlier than people sometimes think. Without these cultural differences, we might not think of tea as more than something to keep

Nuances of Tea Classification

Which One is Better- Green Tea Vs White Tea

Introduction For years, tea has been used as for many medicinal purposes. The exact reasons were not clear then but the recent advancement in science and technology has provided us with many studie

Nuances of Tea Classification

CTC Vs Orthodox

Asia is the hotbed region of Orthodox teas produced in the world. Especially the subcontinent region from the river basin of Brahmaputra, every tea manufacturer will find the finest quality of tea spe

Nuances of Tea Classification

Processing of the tea

The CTC tea is processed by the use of equipment that slices everything of the tea plant including its leaves, stems and buds. There is no discrimination done while chopping the parts of the tea shrub

Nuances of Tea Classification

Operating Costs

From the above perspective, it may sound that Orthodox tea have an advantage over CTC tea but this far from truth. In fact, CTC tea can be processed very quickly and at very economical rates. The CTC

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